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First impressions of Makeup Revolution London products

Hello everyone! Today enthusiastically I am writing about products by Makeup Revolution London I have recently tested.

I heard a lot of positive critics about this brand. So, I decided to visit their official website and I bought three products to try it.

At first I am starting with my favourite stuff called highlighter 😀

It’s about Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in a shade Golden Lights. This product only costs £3.00. I said yes why not 🙂

I can say that this product is really amazing. It is so finely minced and shining that could be easily compared with the more expensive highlighters. I am very satisfied with this product and I wear it almost everyday. I have made some swatches for you bellow as you can see.


Next what I bought is this rose gold lipstick in a shade Chauffeur. It is one unusual color but very nice and creamy. It lasts on lips for few hours if you do not eat all the time 😀

For my opinion this is one pretty good lipstick for a good price of £3.00.

The last one is eyeshadow palette Makeup Revolution Acid Brights. It is almost unbelievable that I paid for palette only £1.25. On their official website you can still snatch it for that price. Usually the price is £4.99, but now discount is 75%.

It seems for me like spring/summer palette. It has 12 interesting brightening shades.

It can be combined together to make some interesting looks or with another palette or independent shades. They are highly pigmented as you can see in swatches I already made.

What did not enchanted me is sustainability of shades through the day. Unfortunately I must say that after few hours shades on my eyes began to fade and it’s first great pigmentation gradually disappeared. So during the winter I have very dry skin face and I am not sure could this be blame for it or it is just simply the way it is. If someone already tried this palette, please tell me your impressions. I would really like to know. However for this price eyeshadow palette is pretty great. Below you can see swatches I have made.

Official website where you can buy these products is


So, that is everything for today my dearest folks. Have a nice day and best regards! ❤


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