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L’oreal Infaillible Blush Paint and Lip Paint Matte

Hello everybody! Today I will write about some new L’oreal products.

It’s about L’oreal Infaillible Blush Paint and Lip Paint Matte.

L’oreal Infaillible Blush Paint has two palette colours pink and amber. I chose amber palette. I can say that I had tested it and it has great consistence and pigmentation.

I tried also use it like eyeshadows 😀 and I can say it turned out fantastically. You can really make some nice spring or summer look with those blushes as eyeshadows.

The price for this blush palette is 12,90 EUR but I found it on sale for 9,70 EUR. For my opinion it is very acceptable price for palette like this.

As you can see shades are perfect for cheeks. Each has a little shimmer on itself which is great for me. Below you can see some swatches I have made.


I think this is one great product with nice price. So, I recommend it gladly.

Next one is Lip Paint Matte in colour Wuthering Purple. The price for this lip paint is 8,70 EUR and I have grab it for 6,50 EUR.


What can I say it is one good matte lipstick but I am not thrilled. There are lot of better matt lipsticks. Bellow you can see one swatch I have made.


Colour is very nice but it never becomes dry and finally matt what I didn’t like it at all. It is very durable which is plus for this product. It lasts long even when you drink. I didn’t test it when I ate. But it stays on the glass or cup when you drink which is not so great also.

So, If someone tried it yet or tested this products please express your honest opinions.

That is all for today. I wish you to have a nice Sunday evening.

❤ Best wishes and regards ❤


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